Curvie Whitez


No. 1 High Quality Whitening and Slimming product. 【KKM Registered】【ALS LAB Tested】【GMP】【HACCP】

What’s ALS? 
A Global Recognized organisation. ALS operate to ISO 17025 and are accredited by many countries governments.We want ensure customers are safe in the knowledge that our product results are reliable, repeatable and meet legislative standards and safe.

Curvie Whitez is a chewable tablet that helps skin brightening and increases your metabolism to help you slim down. Each serving of Curvie Whitez is packed with Top 9 ingredients which consists of Vitamins B and amino acids, fiber, natural botanical ingredients, and is a rich source of antioxidants. .

This rich phytonutrients help our body to fight against free radical, eliminate the damage caused by UV rays, cosmetics and many other external factors. In addition, Curvie Whitez promote the cell divisions which build a firm and strong foundation in our skin. .

Simultaneously, this combination prevents skin pigmentation and keeps your skin hydrated.
Curvie Whitez is enhanced with body slimming ingredients, which increase our basic metabolic rates. .

Together with the increased lean muscle mass from the highly bioavailable amino acids, our body starts using more energy and burn out more fat. These synergic effects work best to ensure our body fat is always kept at optimum level.
【increase BMR + burn fat】
With Curvie Whitez, it is easier to slim down and looks better.



First week:
Day Time:2 tablets after lunch

Night Time:1 tablets after dinner for maintaining body size purpose or 2 tablets after dinner for weight loss purpose.

Second week onward: 

Day Time: 3 tablets after lunch

Night Time: 2 tablets after dinner for weight loss purpose

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